My RI Life - Marc Streisand of Marc Allen Providence & Newport

Today's My RI Life features the always dapper Marc Streisand, CEO & Founder of Marc Allen in Providence and Newport. Read on to find out his Rhody favorites and get a special behind the seams look at his stores. 

Food & Restaurants

Living in Providence, I have become spoiled with the amount of fine dining options that exist. I don’t drink coffee, but my coffee joint is Meg’s Milk Bar. They are right across the street from my (Newport) store and always give me excellent service with a smile!


Belle’s - The location is fantastic. Great spot to bring the family and hang out early in the morning, enjoying the marina and the yachts. I always order a breakfast sandwich, something easy to move around with when we want to explore the shipyard.

Brickway - This place is my favorite and I always order the same thing - the Sutton Place omelet. Gets a little busy on the weekends with all the college kids, but during the week, this is a great place to grab breakfast. Afterwards, take a stroll down Wickenden.


Pasta Beach - Being that our new Newport store is on Bellevue, Pasta Beach could not be any more convenient. I have become accustomed to walking over and picking up a salad or a pasta at lunch time. They get it just right - a nice light atmosphere to pair with their dishes. Nothing is too heavy and the serving sizes are great. Big fan of their Bolognese and Carbonara.

Harry’s Burger Bar - Love this joint! Great beer selection and a great slider. Once again, I am all about a place that is easy, friendly, and tasty. This place hits all three. We often order take out and bring back to our shop down the street on South Main.


TSK - Last summer this place was my favorite - intimate environment and a BYOB! I love bringing one of my own Pinot Noirs. Just a nice easy date spot for my wife and me. Our apartment was in the 5th ward which was so close to TSK, it made it an obvious but great choice. The fried chicken there was the best!

University Club - I have been a member there for 8 years. It consists of a great group of people from all over, which adds to its character. The service is phenomenal and only makes Gary’s (the chef) work even more outstanding. He takes regular dishes and makes them extraordinary.

Scenic Spot

East Bay Bike Path - I am an avid cycler even though you can’t tell from the size of my trouser. Wake the kids up early on a Sunday and ride the path from East Providence into Bristol. A great view of the State.


I try to buy everything I can locally...Over the past 10 years, I've really developed an appreciation for Italian red wines. I work with Gasbarro’s on Federal Hill who take excellent care of me.

Behind The Seams At Marc Allen

Something people might not know about us? Our store is very similar to a club. Not a country club, more of place for people to come to hang out and learn about what we do. We often find ourselves hosting happy hours on Friday afternoons. People will come in after leaving early from work and join us for a glass of wine or just good banter. We also pride ourselves in assisting our clients with meeting other people who will help them in their professional endeavors and networks - another very cool aspect of our business.

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Photo Credits: Pics of Meg's Milk Bar, Pasta Beach, and the University Club are ourtesy of their social media/web sites. Thumbnail of Marc as well as pics of shoes, neck ties, and fabric swatches are by Ashley Farney. Pics of Harry's and Gasbarro's by Patty J. All others are courtesy of the Marc Allen Instagram.