Destination RI: The Rose Shack in Saunderstown

So, I hear this week is going to be nice and I'm taking it as a gesture of good will that while I'm blogging this, the sun is finally making an extended appearance after the grey skies, extreme temps (Winter coats in May anyone?), and heavy winds and rain (FYI: When you're a blogger, cute footwear matters, so it's always a tragedy when you ruin a pair of adorable shoesies in a downpour.) of last week. With the return of more seasonably appropriate temps, it's time then to start thinking about warmer weather outdoor activities. Like gardening. Yes, that's right, I said GARDENING.

Let me explain. Last year, I suddenly, and inexplicably, went on a gardening spree in both the front and back yards at my place, even going so far as to buy several pairs of special gloves, a straw hat, and a new caddy for the hose. (Those rubber Birkenstock flip flops from J.Crew a few seasons ago also came in handy - fairly inexpensive, durable, and just a rinse under the hose to clean.). Out of the ordinary for me for sure, but full disclosure, I used to be an undercover fan of Martha Stewart's old Lifetime TV show, back in the late 90's or early 2000's (I think?), where she did a lot of landscape/garden related tutorials. Found them relaxing and almost meditative to watch, especially around 11-11:30 at night. Anyway, yesterday I stopped by The Rose Shack in Saunderstown, RI and it's a fantastic spot for any neophytes out there (like me!) or seasoned vets (like you maybe) who live for digging in the dirt. 

Prior to my trip there this past weekend, however, I'd probably driven by at least 10K times, en route to somewhere else (including The Farmer's Daughter, Brewed Awakenings, The Towers, and Narragansett Beach), kinda wanting to stop, but not slowing down in time to actually get it done. (From the road, you cannot miss the sign on the Rose Shack's main building. It's a real attention grabber.) My advice to you is to slow down and come to a complete stop because not only is it pretty, but it's also:

  • Chock full of rows and rows of plants and flowers for landscaping as well as indoors...
  • Organized in such way that it's highly shoppable for absolutely everyone, whether they know their way around an herb, plant, or rose garden or not. I couldn't help admire the abundance of signage and clear-no-room-for-error instructions throughout, something I really haven't seen done quite as well anywhere else in the Ocean State. (See photos above.) 
  • A fun-tastic destination for gifts for that person or people on your list who are 'challenging to buy for' or who just appreciate nay-cha. (I picked up a mini indoor herb garden for someone special.)
  • The spot for an Instagram-able Moment, or three, for Spring & Summer 2016. Again, kudos and congrats to the person or peeps responsible for the whole layout there. Beautifully art directed. (For more photos, visit the PattyJDotCom Instagram.)

So, enjoy the Spring reboot in RI this week (Here's hoping!) and definitely check out The Rose Shack.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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