The Art Of Coffee: About Cafe Pearl At The RISD Museum

Maybe it ended up with the junk mail?

**Checks Junk Folder **

I say this because I didn't get an invite to the soft opening of the new Cafe Pearl at RISD Museum last week. Named for Pearl Nathan, who was one of the very first, and longest term, docents in their history, and designed by RISD alums Aja and Ben Blanc, the Cafe is sleek, minimal, and run by Bolt Coffee Co. You probably already know them from their lobby shop over at The Dean, which I've frequented a number of times over the last year or two. Even if you've gone and weren't able to get a seat because it was jamming (Kudos to them, still annoying tho.), you gotta say that they do make a mean cuppa joe. Also, if you're on Insta, you probably see the electric pink FINE sign, from their seating area, popping up in your feed on the reg. (It's VERY popular.) CP does have two small-ish lighted signs - one that reads 'Welcome' and another, over the main counter, that simply says 'Bolt Coffee Co'. Both are, however, extremely difficult to capture with an I-Phone camera. (For the record, I did try.)

So, the skinny on Pearl? Other than their not offering skim milk (which I totally get because I read somewhere online recently that no fat milk in coffee is a big No-No among true coffee connoisseurs), I have nothing but high praise for them. Their lattes are excellent, smooth with absolutely no weird bitterness or icky after taste. And I was able to grab a seat at the counter tucked away on a side wall, despite showing up during peak lunch hour. True Story: My heart did sink a little as I watched a lady with a lap top occupy one of the last empty tables while I was ordering. **Sigh**

So, get there asap, before all your besties, especially those who live on IG, Snapchat or even FB. Mobile upload your coffee of choice (Of the few snaps I found on IG, their espresso tonic caught my attention. It would def be cool & refreshing in this Rhody summer heat and humidity.), along with a pastry or snack (I had their version of avocado toast...Searched the menu for their toast with choc sprinkles, but that may have been special for the opening. Idk?), and add a humble brag about being there. They also have their own hashtag - #boltxrisd. Use it and who knows, maybe Bolt or RISD will repost. #almostfamous

Parking in the vicinity of Benefit can , of course, be a hassle, but it's so worth it. I mean, you should plan to check out the Cafe and then, the Todd Oldham exhibit, All Of Everything, too, if haven't already. PS - I hear that Todd took the entire staff who helped make the show a reality out to dinner in Providence on his dime to say thanks. Such a nice guy!

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me