5 Really Great Reasons To Take The Providence River Boat Tour

The other day we took the tour around the PVD River. And we're here now to say that we can't think of a better reason to take a personal day off from work this season. So, play hooky and play tourist. Here are 5 of the best reasons why you absolutely should:

  1. The boat departs from the Hot Club, giving you an excellent excuse to hang out before or after (or both) to summer day, or night, drink on the water. Btw, N. Johna says it's her fav spot in Providence.
  2. Yes, you can take your drink - beer, cocktail, glass of prosecco (All the cool kids are drinking prosecco these days.) - from the Hot Club with you on the tour. We'll drink to that!
  3. The captain and guide, Tom, has been doing this for something like 20 years, so even the most knowledgeable RI'er (or resident know-it-all) will pick up a new fun fact or two, which will come in super handy when you're trying to make small talk at that next cookout or cocktail thing this summer. 
  4. You'll finally find out where WaterFire Providence stores all that wood for the fires. Be #intheknow. (Pssst: There are so many more Ah-Ha Moments and anecdotes about practically every structure that lines the Providence River as well as those that once did. Captain Tom knows.)
  5. It's an inexpensive yet memorable (in a good way) date with your significant other or your squad (Not sure if T. Swift's ever taken this tour, but she should! Especially now that she's single again. Maybe she'd meet someone at the HC?). It's $20 per person, cash only pretty please, and you do have to call in advance to reserve a spot. We called the morning of (this week in fact) to reserve two spots on the 4pm tour. They offer daytime, sunset, and private tours. 

What To Wear: Slather on some sunblock (We like Umbra Sheer by The Drunk Elephant. It's SPF 30, chock full of antioxidants & marula oil but not at all greasy, and cruelty free. One of our resident beauty guru's, TKPark, highly recommends it.) because there is no overhang. And don't forget your sunnies and a snazzy hat. Also, wear slip on flats or kicks, especially for your walk from the dock onto the boat. The ramp down to the actual boat is kind of steep and heels might give you grief. 


The Patty J Team


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of us; for more cool pix, check out the PattyJDotCom Instagram.