The Shopping List: Lola In Providence

The other day, in-between meetings with two pretty intriguing people you'll meet on the blog this summer, and grabbing a juice at Wildflour (The Ruby Tuesday is my go-to at the moment. It's made with beets which are anti-inflammatory and hence, incredible for your skin.), I engaged in some retail meditation at Lola on North Main in Providence.

I've heard good things about it for quite a while. First, Lynne Diamante, CEO of OPTX, had mentioned Lola's in her My RI Life post last year. More recently, someone else (Ok, that someone is my sister, but whatevs.) has been telling me how I had to go there and referring to it as the 'secret' dress shop where a lot of people are getting their special o. ensembles these days. Duly noted. 

For starters, the front of the shop is eye catching and definitely draws you in. A good sign! Then, when I walked in, there were two ladies from the 'burbs shopping for outfits for an upcoming event. I know this because I eavesdrop. (Before you get all judge-y, let me just say that a friend of a friend told me that, back in the day, all the popular gossip rags used to get their juiciest info via hiding out in bathroom stalls during awards shows and such and listening to the powder room chitchat.) Guess my sister was right. Again. **Rolls eyes** (They also carry much more than dresses though, so she wasn't right about that part.)

Other noteworthies about Lola? They carry vintage as well as brand new sportswear, frocks, and jewelry designed by RISD Alum. It's a nice mix of retro and boutique labels that pretty much insures you won't show up at your next wedding or shower sporting the same outfit as your cousin's husband's sister's bestie. Furthermore, everything's merchandised, so that it flows and makes perfect sense. Example: All the printed pants are together, as are all the long evening gowns, which are divided by color (Such a time saver!) and hanging across a back wall. Search for your next red carpet ready without any aggravation or stress.

Before running out to my next appointment, I had a chance to talk with the owner, Rachel, who has this truly great energy and is a natural when it comes to helping people find amazing pieces to add to their wardrobe. (I worked in retail for a gazillion years before becoming a blogger, so I consider myself an expert of sorts when it comes to this.) So, if you're a fan of vintage, local designers, under-the-radar apparel lines, and a super friendly/supportive atmosphere, check out Lola's for your next save the date. I'm def going back to search for something fantastic for the Todd Oldham exhibit-related Dance Party next week at RISD.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J



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