Sweets & Style In Watch Hill: The New Shop For Donuts, Gelato & Much More

Dear Diary...

We already adore the Ocean House for a multitude of reasons - long lunches on the retro-inspired Veranda, gorgeous interiors (#SuiteLife), and the zen-tastic massages at the OH! Spa to name a few. Then, just when we thought we couldn't obsess over the OH, and when we'd get the chance to stay there again, more, they went and opened an adorable little shop this summer called Below Deck, which combines two of our all-time fav things - sweets and style. (For all our fellow reality tv fans out there, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Bravo series of the same name.) 

They got you!

What we mean to say is Below Deck has a delish treat to please just about everyone's tastes and moods, from gelato (aka, italian ice cream) to donuts (mini's, made on the premises, with a host of different sugar topping and dipping sauce options...Donuts are after all the new cupcakes!) to classic candy. And to quote the great Joan Rivers: Can we talk...about the candy? The selection is substantial and to some of us, sentimental, harkening back to the days of walking to the local neighborhood candy store and loading up on penny candies. #nostalgia Below Deck even has these little paper bags with their logo on them that you can fill with the candies of your choice. (Photo below.) File that under attention to detail.

That's How We Roll.

Before you get to the cold beverages (You know you want, need, have to have one for the walk down the path to the OH's incredible beach.), there's a nice selection of sun screen, baseball caps (a fab option for helping create a sporty, almost effortless look on the sand in Watch Hill), and those oh-so-crucial cover-ups and bathing suits. True story, we love picking up a new suit or a cute cover as wearable souvenirs from all of our trips and you should too. (Need another reason to swipe the plastic? Absolutely everyone needs a bathing suit wardrobe.)


Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Exterior pics of the Ocean House courtesy of Ashley Farney. All other pics courtesy of PattyJ.com.