No Passport Required: Rogue Island At The Arcade in PVD

Years ago, I took a few summer courses at a certain high profile university in PVD (I think you know it.) and one of the teaching assistants, who happened to be blonde and from California (Cue Beach Boys tunes.), never missed an opportunity to bash RI. Whenever he got the chance, he'd refer to it as Rogue's Island. So, yeah, he was kind of jerky, but there's nothing remotely jerky or negative to say about Rogue Island, the restaurant and bar located on the ground floor of The Arcade at 65 Weybosset in Downtown PVD.

We stopped in yesterday for brunch and a mimosa and truth be told, I was beyond impressed with everything, including the interior. It has style but in an accessible and inclusive way that doesn't take itself too seriously (anything like that makes me want to run for the hills, provided I'm NOT wearing the wrong shoes of course). Note the 'Be A Rooster Booster, Boost Rhode Island' mural in the photo above. The bar is also great looking, but we couldn't get a pic we liked because it was jamming, so I took one from the Rogue Island Instagram. (Hope they don't mind too much.) For those of you who don't go anywhere without your dog, bring them along and enjoy a meal on their pet friendly patio. 

Their brunch menu offered a boat load of choices from fried chicken & waffles (which has become an am staple in RI these days) to crepes to house-made donuts (Must've missed the memo, but it sure seems as though no one is spelling it doughnuts anymore? Why is that?). They had a few vegetarian options for those of you who, like me, shy away from meat. They made a nice meat free huevos rancheros for me in fact, which was tasty. (PS - Their whole menu is apparently rooted in Ocean State aqua- and agri-cultures, so, in case you wondered, you are eating #local there.)

Service can be a deal breaker nowadays, but I'm happy to report that our wait person checked in repeatedly - without hovering which, again, is sooo annoying! - and was pleasant and accommodating. Cheers that! 

All of this makes me wonder WHY I'd waited so long to go? Idk, but it's definitely somewhere to include on your itinerary next time you're in the city and want a nosh and a cocktail.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Bar photo courtesy of the Rogue Island Instagram. All other photos courtesy of