Beauty Reboot: My Spa Day At MiniLuxe

Recently, along with my friend S., I took the Cliff Walk challenge, in what I thought were comfy shoes. By the time we made it back to the ferry shuttling us to PVD, however, they were anything but. (The word excruciating comes to mind.) Flash forward a few days later, when my feet were sorta on the mend, yet sorta a big mess. What happened next was I dropped in to the beauty studio at GC (aka, MiniLuxeGarden City, Cranstonfor a reboot, especially because it's summer - which (I think you'll agree) is the most difficult time to hide really bad looking feet. 

So, they dove right in and went to work making over my #ugly feet, along with my fingernails and brows too! Truthfully, I'd been slacking when it came to my nails and my eyebrows have been in a perpetual state of recovery ever since the Kate Moss pencil thin brows/grunge trend of the early to mid 90's. After having them re-shaped, cleaned up, and tinted at ML tho, I felt like they transformed my entire face, so much in fact that I could actually delay getting the Botox for my frown lines touched up for another month or two. 

The other back story to all of this? I'm a complete germaphobe and every time I get my feet and hands done anywhere, I'm constantly obsessing about the possibility of picking up a fungus or something equally as icky. (The friend who walked Newport with me once got a fungus after getting her feet done at a random nail salon during a vaca out of state. It took her over a year to get rid of it. Yeah, no thanks.) During my pedi at ML, I found out why they use still water in their tubs, as opposed to those jets you see so many places. Apparently, the jets are really difficult to clean and could be an issue when it comes to keeping the tubs truly sanitized and (most importantly) keeping your toes fungus free. Another biggie? Their Clean Lab where they sterilize all their tools and implements in a multi-step process that pretty much insures you aren't being worked on with anything grotty. *Sigh of Relief*

Also thrilled that I can go & get a mani and pedi with Dazzle Dry polishes. It's a few dollars extra, but lasts longer than ones done with traditional polish, is supposed to mimic the durability of a gel manicure/pedicure without having to sit with my nails under that light for what feels like hours. Picture perfect for anyone who's tough on their hands and feet (for ex., refuses to wear gloves while washing dishes or is a repeat offender when it comes to walking barefoot both inside and outdoors) and has zero patience for extended beauty treatments (Guilty as charged on both counts.). In addition, the DD polish dries in around 5 mins, another cause for may-jor celebration in my world. Woo-hooooo 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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