Some Serious Appreciation For The Salvation Cafe In Newport

It's the kind of place the locals don't want you knowing about because (they know) that can only only lead to one thing - an increased wait time for a table. Heck, can't say I blame them really. THIS place is so good, atmosphere (Photos above. Sadly, pics of the tiki bar in question, and back patio, were too blurry to include but trust me, it's wicked kewl.) and food wise, that I myself was torn. Part of me couldn't wait to blog about it. The other part was leaning toward team local, especially when it came to the thought of annoyingly long wait times. (Poster child for hangry right here, k?).

Located on Broadway in Newport, which reminds me a whole lot of The West Side of PVD and the latest renaissance happening there, Salvation Cafe is one spot I've been meaning to get to for a while, but the planets never lined up correctly to help make it happen. Until the other night that is. After our Sky & Sea Tour (a private helicopter ride, followed by a cruise around the harbor in a charming refurbished lobster boat ), I wanted dinner. ASAP. (Hangry, remember?) So, after reviewing our options, we motored a short distance (I was wearing wedge espadrilles and not loving the idea of going it on foot at that moment.) over to Salvation, an artsy and funtastic spot a few blocks up from my other Broadway haunts whenever I'm on that side of the Bridge - Raw Power Juice Bar (way more than juices) and Empire Tea & Coffee (Coffee so good I even went back after the Brit behind the counter admonished me for ordering a GRANDE coffee rather than a MEDIUM sized one. I don't know what that is, she said disdainfully. Whatevs. It's 9am. I just need a coffee. Pls.).

Yes, (I) adore the atmosphere which is a fine mix of art school whimsey meets kitsch without coming off as though anyone tried too hard. There's something completely authentic and organic about the aesthetic and the decor. Like you stepped into your pop culture loving, sorta cheeky artist friend's loft space. You know the one - he or she also cooks those amazing meals. What? Don't know anyone like that? Another excuse to go to Salvation.

So anyway, don't start taking too many atmosphere pics for Insta when you go for dinner or drinks there because they'll probably turn out fuzzy (as so many of ours did) because it's dimly lit. Instead, put your phone to the side and focus on the food and drink. You won't regret it. We had the salmon with fried spinach (Uh, WOWZA! First time seeing that on a menu and it's addictive.) & mashed potatoes and the Pad Thai with tofu which I inhaled. If we had Uber'ed it over that night, as opposed to driving ourselves from the mainland (jk) , we would have most definitely imbibed. We opted instead for a non-alcoholic limonade style beverage and (Wait for it....) coffee. If pressed to pick one # to describe our meal, it would have to be #outstanding. 'Nuff said.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All pics courtesy of us. Seriously.