Sightseeing In Newport: We Took A Private Helicopter & Sunset Cruise Tour

Newport's calling and you definitely don't want to hit that little red decline button. (All my fellow I-Phone users know what I'm talking about, as in, 'I don't use my phone for that!') This week we had the opportunity to take the Sky & Sea Tour of Newport, courtesy of Bird's Eye View Helicopters and Gansett Cruises, and it was such a fantastic time. So fun and memorable. If you're curious (And of course you are!), here's a breakdown of this special, 2 part sightseeing tour that will become a highlight of not only your summer, but also your whole entire year. 

Part 1 - Sky 

I was a tiny bit nervous about going up in a helicopter for the first time. My fears, however, were quickly dispelled once we arrived at Bird's Eye View Helicopters in Middletown and saw all the other people taking their very own private tours. I mean, all these peeps were doing it, why not us? Also, the Bird's Eye's staff was friendly and informative, outlining everything we needed to know about our Tour* (the Mansion option, an 18 mile journey over the Pell Bridge, Rose Island, Fort Adams, Castle Hill...) from start to finish. After being driven out to the landing area, we met Patrick, our pilot, and boarded the red copter. So, the views are (at the risk of sounding too cliche) BREATHTAKING. Literally. As in: OMGGG, look at THAT! (Between ooh's and aah's, we did manage to snap dozens of pics, including a few selfies.)

It would be a fab way to propose to someone you want to put a ring on or celebrate a milestone birthday or another extra special event. Speaking of milestones, frequent contributor Brianna Jean took her bf on a Bird's Eye Tour a few months ago, to celebrate his birthday, and they loved it too. 

*There are three (3) other tours to choose from including Island, Lighthouse, and Bay themed ones. Check out their website for more details.

Part 2 - Sea 

After the rush of seeing Newport from the air, we were all hyped up and the Gansett Sunset Cruise was just what we needed to kick back, unwind, and relax. It's pretty close to the perfect way to end any summer afternoon in Newport. We grabbed our boarding passes and made our way onboard the 50 ft., restored lobster boat, docked at Bowen's. Good thing I paid attention and didn't wear heels because that's a no-no. (When you go, think sneakers, flats or boat shoes. Remember, top siders are back.)

The crowd was a mix of families with kids and groups of friends who may or may not refer to themselves as squads. (We didn't see any dogs on our tour, but Gansett is 'dog friendly' and welcomes them as long as they are leashed.) Our evening cruise also included a stuffie (a Rhody delicacy which I haven't had in years) and a champagne toast, which helped ramp up their approval rating a few more notches. Menus differ according to time of day (I, for one, could drink champs anytime!) and you always have the option to purchase other beverages onboard as well, from bottled water to a selection of locally brewed beers.

We also learned a lot of new fun facts and anecdotes about things from our guide about the America's Cup and the Mansions that we can't wait to try out as ice breakers at our next mixer or cocktail party. Our phone batteries were running low by this time (40%?!?!), but we were still able to get some lovely pics (Snaps or it didn't happen, right?) which I guarantee will get you lots of social media accolades. In case you need yet another reason to take this tour. #winkyface

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of us