Some Staycation Inspiration: The Chanler at Cliff Walk

It wasn't until this year, when we were invited to a photo shoot in Newport, that we got to experience the quiet elegance and beauty of The Chanler at Cliff Walk in Newport firsthand. Sure we'd probably passed it by dozens of times while walking to and from Easton Beach or The Cliff Walk, fairly certain that it had to be a private estate or something. So not the case! 

Tucked between Memorial Blvd. and The Cliff Walk, this boutique hotel makes you feel as though you are in fact living the luxe life, but in a laid back, never snotty sorta way. Think working for a legend like Liz Taylor and she likes you so much that she gives you one of her Chanel jackets. (#truestory and it kinda works here...we've actually been waiting for an excuse to throw this anecdote into the mix for a while now.) We can further vouch for this because while at The Chanler, at one point, we accidentally ended up on another guest's porch, thinking it was a common area, and the gentleman who worked for the hotel, and who clued us in, could not have been nicer. #omg #howembarrassing #timeforacocktail

Need a break from adulting and a legit timeout from your 9-5?Or do you want to impress someone super special? Or are you looking to unplug somewhere truly tranquil and gorg? Yes, you can - and should - book a stay, for many reasons, including, of course, those brand new, bright blue bicycles from Tokyobike New York. (Totes adorbs and tailor made for Instagramming!). Or, if you only have a few short hours, reserve a spot on the terrace of their restaurant, the Spiced Pear. We were there last weekend and it was off the hook incredible - the food and drink (Highly recommending their signature drink, the Spiced Pear Martini, btw. Delicious!), the service (They made us feel like big shots, even after that whole being in the wrong place at the wrong time incident.), the views (outstanding vantage point, gaze out at the postcard perfect sand and surf below), and the overall vibe/energy.

Love, Love, ADORE!

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Patio photo courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk Instagram. All other photos by