Be There Or Be Square: Bee's Thai Cuisine

Other than getting a ride from an Uber driver who overdid it big time with the cologne (Ewwww), I have news and by that, I mean I've found another fantastic restaurant in RI...

It all started back in the winter, when I blogged about Ives St. in the Fox Point neighborhood in PVD. Most people were pretty pleased with what I had to say, either thanking me for the recommendations (which included Tea In SaharaMalachi's, and Tallulah's Taqueria) and vowing to try them out asap or agreeing wholeheartedly with my picks because they were already diehard fans. Then there were a few peeps bent outta shape because I didn't include Bee's Thai Cuisine. And they weren't shy about letting me know. In other words, you (aka, me) have a Facebook notification and it's someone saying you (me, again) are the original Clueless

The other day, I was back on Ives, doing some blog research (more about that real soon), when it occurred to me that I hadn't eaten a darn thing all day. (When I don't eat, I'm le miz-erable.) And there on the next block was Bee's Thai. It was past peak lunch time, so it wasn't terribly busy, but that's A-OK with me. I walked in to a cheery interior and some wonderful service. Know that old story about service in a busy restaurant being better? Doesn't apply here.

Now, Let's chat about the food. Full Disclosure - I found the menu a bit overwhelming (page after page, filled with options, something for everyone's tastes and moods), but I can be a little indecisive at times. Finally, I did zoom in on a few items, including a hot and spicy soup with veggies (You can order yours with either chicken or shrimp if that's more your jam.), the Tom-Yum, that was not only tasty, but also cleared my sinuses better than any of those over the counter meds. Ok, that might be TMI, but admit it - you've probably struggled with allergies at one point or another this season. Next, the mango/avocado spring rolls were so fresh, light and refreshing they deserve a special shoutout! In fact, I could probably eat those every single day for the rest of the summer and be completely and utterly HAPPY about it. (Would have ordered more to try had that soup not been so filling.)

I really want to bring all my friends there for lunch or dinner, partly because it's that ahhh-mazing (They even give you a piece of hard candy, in a nifty green wrapper, with your check. Photo above. It's also spotless and squeaky clean.) and partly because I'm using the points accrued via my credit card to finance all my Uber rides these days. 

Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me