My RI Life: Emily Blanchard of Anthropologie

I am a Massachusetts native through and through. I call the water fountain a bubbler. Wicked is a part of my every day vocabulary. And I'd take a Dunks iced coffee over Starbucks any day. So when my fiancé and I decided to buy a house in the Ocean State, I was skeptical to say the least. We moved to Cumberland, less than ten minutes from the Massachusetts border, but it felt like a lifetime away from Boston and all of it's glory.

I'd like to consider myself an adventure seeker. I was determined to discover everything and anything that Rhode Island had to offer. With a little help from Yelp and a lot of suggestions from my coworkers, I've uncovered many hidden gems. I love to spend my days off hiking Lincoln Woods State Park with my pitbull/lab mix. I enjoy catching up with girlfriends and grabbing a glass of wine at Diamond Hill Vineyards. I absolutely die for the braised littlenecks at Bistro 22 in Cranston. Did I mention that this is only a call ahead order and fifteen steps away from where I work?

I am the Apparel Department Manager at Anthropologie in Garden City, but I was a customer long before I worked there. I fell in love with the beautifully curated displays, the lifestyled merchandising, and the one of a kind product. Never before had I been in a store like this. Where else could you find a seagull motif dress, whale measuring cups, and Mario Badescu skincare all under one roof? 

Our goal has always been to deliver the unimagined experience. Every song that plays has been thoughtfully selected. Our mannequins showcase the newest and most aspirational outfitting. The visual displays are meticulously handcrafted. We host pop up shops with local vendors. We donate 10 cents to charity for every bag skipped. Our associates are advice givers, Instagram models, and fashionistas. Not to mention that no two stores are the same. 

Anthropologie serves as a break from reality and a constant source of inspiration. Over the years it has become my home away from home whether I'm living in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Next time you're in Cranston, stop by and say hello. I love opening our doors to you.

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Photo Credits: Bistro 22 photo courtesy of their Instagram; all other photos courtesy of Emily Blanchard