Dear Fashion Week Diary: 9 Things I Learned At NYFW

You would blog too, if it happened to you...Today, I'm sharing 9 of the lessons learned while in NYC for my very first Fashion Week (#dreamsdocometrue):

  1. If you pack two huge suitcases - one for clothes, the other for makeup, a hairdryer, a straightening iron - you will end up NOT using most of it and then, find yourself having to take the train home to PVD. From Penn Station. Ever tried schlepping overstuffed luggage (plural) thru there on your own? (Could write a whole other post about this. I #hate Penn Station! Hmmmm Perhaps I shall. #staytuned)
  2. When it's 90+ degrees with high humidity in NYC for Fashion Wk, and you're Uber'ing, walking, hailing an occasional taxi or two, the cotton black & white Burberry trench and the dress with the pouf-y, retro 80's sleeves (as well that heavy statement handbag) aren't happening. Instead, you opt for t-shirts, flippy skirts, flats, and a Steel Canvas tote. 
  3. When it's 90+ degrees w/high humidity for New York Fashion Week, anyone wearing sky high heels + heavy designer handbags + layers (and/or fedoras which I saw a lot of last week) has car service.
  4. Also, anyone wearing those items is more likely to be 'discovered' by fashion photogs and paparazzi on the lookout for amazing street style. (Kind of ironic considering they're most likely traveling to and from the shows, door to door, by car! SMH)
  5. Your sister was right. You can go to the cutest blowout bar in Manhattan to get your hair did for show number 1, but if they don't seal the deal with a flat iron, your hair won't stay in and it will look crummy for show number 2 on day 2. (Anyone that knows me IRL is well aware that all of my good hair days are the work of my sister, a longtime stylist and my secret weapon when it comes to my hair...and bullies. WINK!)
  6. Why Uber Pool (ride share) when you can Uber Black (zoom around in a town car, suv or Cadillac sedan)? I mean, it's a great way to use those points on your business card that you never seem to have enough of to redeem for anything remotely fabulous. (Seriously, you need "like" a half mill. to get an airline ticket.)
  7. Unless you're a Kardashian, Kanye West, Anna Wintour or Leandra Medine and Emily Weiss (only two of the biggest stars in the blogosphere for their sites Man Repeller and Into The Gloss), connected to them or a celeb w/multiple front row seating assignments, you're a Nobody. Acknowledge, deal, and move on. Then and only then will you be able to truly appreciate the entire experience. (Spotted Kelly Killoren Bensimon, formerly of Real Housewives of NY, and Zosia Mamet of HBO's Girls, front row at Jill Stuart btw.)
  8. While waiting to get in (to the shows), everyone's either looking around not-so-discreetly to see if they know you or if you're a 'Somebody'. Oh yeah, that and they're all on their phones. 
  9. Yup. Smart phones galore. Handy for killing down time, but problematic if you find yourself at a fashion show in flats, struggling to raise your phone higher than that person blocking your view of the runway. Ugh. Now, I understand how and why the old school fashion editors and journalists are annoyed and aggravated with the waves of phones in the air, etc., but honestly, never has 'pics or it didn't happen' been more applicable. I mean, come on people, it's Fashion Week and we need proof that we were there! 

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Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Pics courtesy of me