5 Things To Know Before You Go To The Newest TJ Maxx In RI


Highly anticipated doesn't even begin to cover it! The TJ Maxx store that had it's official grand opening yesterday in Chapel View in Cranston, RI, has been THE topic of conversation among all my friends, both on FB and in IRL, for 'like' the past year. Ever since that banner about it opening went up. So, I motored over yesterday to see for myself what the story was and here are 5 things you def need to know before you go:

1. Contrary to an ad I saw in rotation on either Instagram or Twitter, it's so NOT their first store in Cranston. The one on Garfield Ave, just over the PVD line, in the same plaza as Lowe's, WAS number one. (For my native RI readers, it's the old site of the original Narragansett Brewery.) 

2. Get yourself to this location SOON . As someone who worked retail for about 20 years, I will tell you that the powers that be at TJ's will be stocking this brand-y new spot with THE best of the best for the opening. Thus, increasing the chances you'll find that dream item (or items) at an incredible price and keep coming back again and again. In search of similar deals. #hooked

3. That being said, this store does not have a Runway section. **Sniffle** Not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed about that factoid, especially because last year I found a coat from one of my fav boutique brands (Rhymes with Mince.), that retailed originally for $600, for only $99. (One of those deals I was just talking about, that def keep me going back.)

4. As a consolation, you should know that there is an adorable selection of super cute Junior apparel (Photo above.) right now that would be perfect for anyone in your life who falls into the 13 to 24 demographic. Give or take. 

TJ's is also fantastic for pet stuff (like toys, beds...The addition of Max Pet area is pure genius, especially these days when it seems as though everyone has a dog.), menswear, handbags, shoes. You just cannot go with a specific agenda (as in: I need a white shirt for tonight!) and you have to be in the browsing zone, which leads into my next point.

5. Go during non-peak hours for your best browsing experience. This then rules out 11 to 2pm when people are either pouring in on their lunch hour from work or out for the afternoon for a shopping & errands excursion. I suggest making the trip over when they open the doors in the am (at 9:30am sharp), during the dinner hour (5-6), or the hour or so before closing (8, 8:30 to 9pm). These are all times when you will most likely have space to search for (and examine) 'finds' without bumping into people left and right or having to say Excuse me, Excuse me, Excuse me 52 times while walking from one spot to another. You're Welcome and Happy Shopping!

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Ciao for Now,

Patty J