Resting Brunch Face: Where To Go & Show Yours This Weekend

Most weekends, my brunch goal is to try a brand-y new spot. I don't always succeed (Note to self: write upcoming post about my classic fallback favs in the Ocean State for brunching so hard. Or, maybe not, because then I'll really NEVER get a flippin' table.), but last weekend? Jackpot!

We drove over to Tiverton and the Boat House. Nicole was actually raving to me about it this summer. Didn't make it there back then, but September can be equally as nice, a few degrees cooler but without the mad crazy crowds that seem to flock to every single waterfront eatery in RI during June, July, and August. So, if you haven't talked to Nicole or been on Open Table lately (People on there are also apparently #obsessed with the Boat House. Or so it says on the home page of the BH's site.), you might not be aware of how incredible it truly is there. 

Yeah, the water views, of the Sakonnet, are marvelous. But so are the food and drink. We thoroughly enjoyed our coffee too. (Some places have divine brunch food and inconsistent or lousy java. A serious prob if, like so many, including myself, you live for that am coffee fix.) The cocktail menu was pretty tempting. And our food was straightforward yummy. We had two egg-tastic dishes, but seafood lovers take note. Everything was served pretty quickly and with a smile too. (Cranky waiters, along with mean peeps in general, suck.)

Now, if I had to go back and change anything, I would've sat on their side patio, where most of the crowd was situated. I don't have any pics (Hey, even I have my limits...WINK!), but strongly suggest requesting that area of the restaurant, which has a roof/overhang, if you go on a sunny (mild) morning or afternoon some weekend this fall. Otherwise, sit inside and drink Grapefruit Martinis while uploading Insta Stories of your meal and those views.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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