Everything You Need Now, Including SomethingNavy's Go-To Skincare

Essential products that we incorporate in our everyday life are hard to find. There are so many options out there, at all different price ranges, I never know what to buy. After some searching and convos with hairstylists, and beauty lovers, I have found the essential products that you need to own.

Brand: First Aid Beauty

Products: Ultra Repair Cream & Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

These products will save your life this winter. Say bye bye to dry hands and chapped lips. 

*Fun Fact: Somethingnavy just partnered with this brand


Brand: Milk_Shake

Product: Glistening Argan Oil

This product will make your hair glisten and shine like you've never seen before.

Apply to wet hair, ponytail out. 


Brand: The Wet Brush

Product: Original Detangler

The bristles are soft and move, which eliminates hair breakage.

Fun Fact: Hot water can damage your hair. Turn the temperature down in the shower when you wash your hair.


Brand: Kevyn Aucoin 

Products: The Creamy Glow, The Sculpting Powder, and The Celestial Powder

Favorite contouring products for a natural look.

I use a brush to apply the creamy glow, then use a beauty blender. 


Brand: Sunday Riley

Products: Luna, U.F.O., & Good Genes

I've been using Good Genes for a while now, and highly recommend it. I recently added Luna sleeping night oil, and U.F.O. Clarifying face oil to my skin regimen, and really love them both. My pores look smaller, my complexion is much more even, and I haven't had any breakouts.

Note: I always tell people that your face is the first impression you give someone, it's an important investment. Sunday Riley is an expensive brand, but it's your face - this is something you should spend your money on. 


That's all for now.