Read This If You've Ever Been Curious About Urban Farming

This week's mild temps were pretty perfect for strolling around Broadway in PVD. And I've always been curious about this one place in particular, so after a quick coffee and almond milk latte at Seven Stars, I walked over for a closer look. After driving by for the past oh-I-don't-know last few years, I was sure it was a chicken restaurant or something. (You know, Providence and restaurants and food and foodies and food bloggers and....) But it's so not.

What it is is an artfully merchandised shop filled with all kinds of goodies for the seasoned to the aspirational urban gardener or farmer. Speaking of aspiring, browsing around Cluck really makes you want to give this farming in the city thing a whirl. (Overalls are optional. Some people can rock those, but proceed with extreme caution.) There's a book, supply, and tool for practically everything agri-culture related, from raising your own chickens (You can also buy some farm fresh eggs there btw. Limited in number and trucked in from one of my other fav destinations - Cranston.) to keeping your own bees (Last weekend at brunch, I was eavesdropping on some folks gushing about how they have bees now and they're giving away honey as gifts. It's the next big thing I tell you!) to growing and canning veggies (The other reason to hoard Mason jars.) and cheesemaking (Because everything's better with cheese.). Along with some fantastic gift-y items like throws, cards by local artists, and gardening totes that could be your next anti-it bag for the warmer weather. 

I understand there's even more to see once we segue into Spring and Summer, including a gorgeous vegetable garden out front and possibly some real live chicks as well. Now, I may have killed the basil plant I picked up at Whole Foods last year, but nothing like a visit to Cluck to make me feel like I could totally master any of these homesteading type activities. Seriously!

Ciao for Now,

Patty J