My RI Life: Meet Dermatologist & Stylish Mom Paula Moskowitz

About Me

Dermatologist Partner and Owner of Dermatology Professionals in EG, Mom, and lover of fashion, food and the outdoors

Raised in Queens NY, this NYC girl lived in Manhattan, Chicago, and Boston, then moved to Providence RI in 2000 for a job and never looked back. I love the city of Providence for its quaintness, quirkiness, and big city offerings, and RI overall for its incredibly varied natural landscape. On any given weekend, you can find me kayaking or body surfing in South County in the morning and eating dinner in Providence in the evening. 


Shopping: Karen Millen outlet store in Wrentham for cult British designer Karen Millen's fabulous day and night out wear (It's her only outlet store in the country.)

Indie Skin Care: Green Line Apothecary in Wakefield (They also have the best traditional ice cream floats.) 

Fav Place for Appetizers: Nick's on Broadway for the charcuterie plate at the kitchen counter 

Fav Restaurant: As a sake lover, I love the food and sake options at Oberlin.

Best Off The Beaten Path Bar: Sons of Liberty Spirits South Kingstown for craft spirits and bitters 

Best Little Known Friday Night Diversion: The Frosty Drew Nature Center and Observatory in Charlestown for gazing at planets and nebulas (I am a science nerd at heart.)

Tips & Treatments

As a Dermatologist, you will always see me practicing and teaching sun safety to my patients and I can literally talk about sunscreen for hours, including some of my new Korean favorites. I am also somewhat obsessed over bright, dewy, youthful appearing skin.

One of the most popular treatments in my office for improving aging skin, wrinkles, and brown spots is our CO2RE fractionated CO2 laser treatment. Requiring a 5-7 day intense recovery period, you will have refreshed, younger looking skin that will beg your friends to ask,  "What did you do? Your skin looks great!" (See my pictures from my recovery on day 2 after the laser.) If you are not up for the 5-7 day recovery, we have other options to refresh your skin. Come on by!