The Local Retreat You Need To Visit At Least Once This Month

Not long ago, I was at Target, buying several ginormous bags of bird seed. The cashier took one look, and proceeded to tell me how her grandma does the exact same. (Y'ok, situations such as that are the reason the eye roll emoji was created.) Now, whether you're interest in birds is casual or serious (Since mine is in fact casual, the only reference I have here is the movie The Big Year with Steve Martin, Jack Black & Owen Wilson. The one where they travel all around No. America searching for different species of birds, trying to outdo one another and ultimately be considered the top birder.), you'll probably love the RI Audubon Society in Bristol. Especially this time of year.

Also, if (like me) you grew up in Providence and venturing all the way to Bristol was practically unheard of, you probably had no clue this peaceful and zen-tastic spot even existed, until the last few years that is. (Prior to blogging, I worked 10-12 hour days in a mall, which def precluded me from exploring RI. But last time I wrote about THAT gig, I got in some hot water, so saving the rest of my anecdotes for the tell-all. Jk. Kinda/sorta.) The primary mission of the Audubon is a noble one - to protect birds and wildlife and secure their habitat, with a big emphasis on education (There are lots of fun programs for kids and families.) and championing conservation, and the location itself also makes a fantastic spot to escape to this month, while it's still pretty mild-ish, for an hour or two of YOU time

So, go to clear your head. To reconnect with the outdoors and nature (Not to get all on you here, but that's supposed to be sooo good for your mind and your bod!). And furthermore, to appreciate how gorgeous the OS (That's Ocean State, and there are some fab water views to greet you at the very end of that wooden walkway in the photos above.) is this time of year. All of which adds up to de-stressing, de-toxifying, and delightful (Yeah, I went there.).

Of course, before stashing your phone (Jacket weather is here, except for maybe the hours between 12noon and 2 or 3pm, so grab one with pockets deep enough to fit your smart phone and car keys.), you might also want to take a few fotos. It is afterall a wildly popular spot to post from. I mean, go ahead and search IG and you'll see. 


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