Everything You'll Wish You Knew Before Booking A Weekend In The City This Fall

Traveling to NYC for the long weekend? If yesss, here are a few words about looking less tourist-y and having more laughs. Because why go to all the trouble of packing your bags and driving (or Amtrak'ing) 4 hours to have a lousy time? 

1. All those cute coffee shops and cafes your fav celebs (Insta and otherwise) always seem to be posting from? Like the Birch outpost in SOHO. Or Happy Bones on Broome St. Or While We Were Young, where absolutely everyone was checking in from earlier this year. Sure, it all looks fine and dandy. The latte art, and those artfully placed sunnies. The (matte) marble tabletops. And those photogenic plates of food. Prepare yourself if you're intent on going IRL though because most of these spots are teeny tiny. So, don't be surprised if you go & end up feeling like the ppl at the next table are practically sitting in your lap. Or you can't even get a table because there's already a line of ppl, who also discovered it on IG, waiting, which happened to me at both Jack's Wife Freda (in 2016) and Egg Shop (in 2017).

2. Do yourself a favor and stash your heels in some kind of tote. Really. No one uptown or downtown is wearing them on the streets. Flats, sneakers or ankle booties YES, but high heels are a hell to the NO. Forget what you've seen on the big (as in movies) and smaller screen (as in, Gossip Girl binges on Netflix or on what's her name's Insta). Definitely do have them handy to change into later tho, just in case you suddenly need to glam it up after ending up in a bar full of model-y types or a restaurant packed with what looks like fathers taking their daughters out for dinner, but is really a bunch of rich old dudes with their much younger girlfriends.

3. There are almost too many ride sharing apps to choose from. You're probably already familiar with Uber and Lyft (Both are readily available in RI at this point.), but how about Gett, Via or Juno? Last time I was in the city, don't think we took a cab once. We either walked (where the comfy shoes come into play in a big way.) or requested a Lyft or Uber. Which could explain why anytime I watch a current movie or tv show that takes place in NYC, and someone hops out of a cab (I'm looking at you YOUNGER!), I shake my head in disbelief. That's soooo 5 years ago!


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