The Surprising Relaxation Remedy You Haven't Tried Yet But Should


Tis the season for the same 12 Christmas songs on a 24/7 loop (A show of hands of those who've actually sampled figgy pudding.), figuring out which pics will make their way into the family album (If this is a group project in your universe, I can relate all too well!), navigating piles of wrapping and tissue (Oh what fun - Have a designated pair of scissors, you'll thank me.), and interfacing with a host of relatives wanting the low down on every detail of your life from how much you pay for heat during the winter to your eldest kid's job prospects. I mean, I adore the Holidays, but who are we trying to kid - it can be one big hot mess of stress and hair pulling.

Before you reach for another bottle of vino or the Rogaine, consider the Gong (or Sound) Bath. Inevitably one joker or another makes some kind of "I'll bring the soap." quip on social (media), but they are serious stuff, when it comes to de-stressing and winding down that is. Something all of us need, especially this time of year. Bathing in the sound of the gongs or vibrational sound meditation has been around for thousands of years actually and is known in certain circles for being a powerful path to both relaxation and emotional healing. Comments from ppl who've tried it include: "I floated out of the studio." and "Best sleep afterwards."

It might look weird. A yoga studio space with everyone sprawled out with beaucoup blankets, some with sleep masks even. (WTF?) And then there are the gongs set up at the front of the room. (If you're only associations up until this point are Chuck Barris or JP Morgan, stay with me.) Before signing up, I didn't know what the heck to expect. By the time I was ready to leave tho, I did so feeling incredibly calm and on the verge of an extended sleep. (Def that floating feeling in there as well.) Think of walking out of the best spa day or experience you've ever had (EVER) and the quality of your sleep that night. Yeah, it's like that. Only instead of say a traditional massage, you're getting a sound one for your entire body, and your mind too.

If you're interested in trying, there's one coming up Saturday, Dec 9th at Essence Yoga at 2178 Broad St in Pawtuxet Village. Check out their website or Facebook for more details and to reserve your spot: