This Big City Street Helped Launch A Beauty Trend & You'll Want To Visit This Christmas

The Skinny On This Trend

It's more popular than ever, and these days, you can find it everywhere from your local CVS and Target to Sephora. So, you've probably heard of K (or Korean) Beauty. I mean, just scroll Facebook and you're apt to see multiple ads in your feed for Peach & Lily (an online superstore where you can indulge your KB addiction) as well as that new mask from Hanacure, that a friend with decades of experience in the worlds of makeup and skincare raves about btw (next best thing to Botox!). 

Face On Point

The very best part of all this? You can get an outstanding cleanser, serum or something to soften your dried out feet (or hair) for a pretty sharp price. Yea, we're talking affordable, effective, and (in many cases) exotic enough that you can surprise your friends by casually dropping into conversation how much you love this new product they've most likely never heard of. Better yet, next time one of your friends tells you how nice your skin's looking, you can say something about the $3 sheet masks you have added to your rotation.

Welcome To Korea Town Or What To Do Before Botox

Now, in case you're planning a trip to NYC for the Holidays, and you want to get the full K-Beauty experience, be sure to visit Korea Town, specifically West 32nd Street, off 6th Ave. It's where so many Insta Famous makeup artists and beauty bloggers (not to mention cosmetics execs...wink, wink, nudge, nudge) go to scope out the next big thing product (and ingredient) wise when it comes to smooth, spot free skin and such.

There you'll find at least a half dozen shops, including The Face Place, Tony Moly, and The Mask Bar, with low cost sheet masks, lines to de-grease and plump wrinkles, booties to wear to soften your feet and remove the dreaded dead skin, and much more. Also, if you've tried to order the Baby Foot Peel via Amazon and found it to be on back order (*groans*), have no fear. We saw at least a half dozen different versions at these shops. Cheers!

**This post has been updated and edited from the original version that appeared on the blog for Holiday 2016.**

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