Some Of The Best Local Spots For Photo Opps This Holiday Season


Looking to ramp up the Holiday cheer this year? Or at least make it look as though you have? The good news is you can co-opt some of the best (local) spots for social media photo opps from bloggers and vloggers alike, without actually having to live online. That being said, here are 8 essential places in the OS to upload from right now.

  1. The Rose Shack in Gansett: Plenty of wreaths with red bows and twinkling lights are a few of the things that make it perfect for your fandids (faux candids) and more. (Photo below.)

  2. Meet & Greet With Santa in Garden City Center: Bring along a photogenic pup (It doesn't have to be yours but he or she should be friendly and not afraid of the jolly old fat man.) to the rustic red cabin near the gazebo and you're golden.

  3. Santa's Mail Box in Wickford Village: Really just the starting point for sooo many photo possibilities on Brown and Main Streets.

  4. Alex & Ani Skating Center: You don't have to actually get on skates, but you should include some baked goods or a hot chocolate from the nearby North Bakery outpost for good measure.

  5. The Tree At The OH in WH: Sure we missed the official lighting this year (It was last Saturday), but there's still plenty of time to motor over for Sunday brunch or a dinner and over share on social. (Extra points if you think you *may* have spotted Taylor.)

  6. Stroll Like You Mean It: Holiday strolls are everywhere, from Main St EG to Newport. Bring along that one friend who's always up for selfies, and who understands the importance of accessories like just the right knit beanie. (To pom pom or not, that's THE question!)

  7. Hot Chocolate at The Shop on Wickenden: Where deliciousness meets Insta worthy decor. Because honestly, both matter these days.

  8. Obligatory Tree Farm Foto: So, maybe you have an artificial tree in your living room this year. No matter. You'll still get Insta cred when you upload from the tree farm where KJP and Sarah Vickers tied the knot back in 2015. (PS - It was Henry's Tree Farm in Hope, RI. Just wanted to save you the Google.)

Photo Credits: Pic at Alex & Ani Skating Center courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography