3 Tips For Surfing The Holiday Weekend (Shopping) Wave Without A Single Wipeout

Even with online booming, Black Friday is still one of the busiest shopping days (and weekends...because kickoff to Holiday). So, if you're making the scene today, fantastic! By all means. Commence with the bonding time. With your daughter, sister or maybe your very bestie. Wear sweats, get coffee, make the rounds, try tons of stuff on, have a complaint fest (talk sh*t) over breakfast. And check out these tips for surfing the holiday weekend wave without wiping out.

1. Change Up Your Coffee

Practically hooked up to a coffee IV these days and still feeling exhausted? Being in a holidaze won't work. You might wanna try topping your coffee off (not with Bailey's but) with an adaptogenic herb, aka, natural healer, called Ashwagandha.* Hard to pronounce, and bitter as hell, it's now trending in the world of health and wellness. I've actually been adding the recommended half a teaspoon to my morning coffee (b/c blending up a decent smoothie 1st thing in the am is way too much of a project) for a few weeks and swear it's made a major diff in my energy levels.

Full disclosure, I co-opted this coffee trick (It masks the intense taste pretty darn well.) from Goop Beauty Editor Jean Godfrey June, but no biggie because she even commented on my IG post about it.

*As always, check with your Dr before giving any supplements a whirl. 

2. Create A Soundtrack

Remember mix tapes? (Cue the 80's nostalgia montage.) Even if you don't, the idea of someone taking time out to put together a special list of songs for your listening pleasure is still impressive. So, why not curate a playlist via Spotify that you can stream for you and your partners in crime starting this wekend? It doesn't have to be Christmas-y either; the possibilities are (frankly) flipping endless. #TheSoundtrackOfYourLife

3. Local Love

Sure, you wanna shop locally. But even with the best of intentions, it can seem confusing and unfamiliar and overwhelming. With that in mind, I've put together a short list of a few OS based businesses and the special sales they have going on, but also encourage you to explore other local options on your own this season:

• Pepper's Closet: 30% off Nov 24th thru the 27th (Black Friday - Cyber Monday)

robinb.style (East Greenwich, RI): 15% off online and in store thru Nov 27th

• JAVA Skincare: 30% off online, Friday Nov 24th only

Farmaesthics: 25% off online, and free shipping, thru Nov 27th 

Elana Carello Sweaters: Free shipping in the continental US thru Nov 28th 

* Gossip Boutique (Wickford, RI): FREE Velour pants with any purchase of $200 or more, Black Friday and Small Busness Saturday only, while supplies last. More deals in store.

 Ciao For Now,

Patty J