The Hottest Coffee Trend Of The Holiday Season That You Haven't Tried (Yet)

It's no secret I'm a big coffee fan. Lately tho instead of parking myself at one of the local cafes or a Starbucks, I've been brewing my own at home more often, precisely why I was so intrigued after seeing a barrage of ads, blogs, and vlogs for Chemex, a line of glass carafe, minimalist looking coffee makers that date back to 1941, are made nearby in Chicopee, MA and resembles something you might find in an Amish or Mennonite pantry. Did someone say now trending?


A far cry from the Keurig phenom (For the record, I never hopped on that bandwagon.) with its seemingly endless selection of coffee pods (from French roast to Hazelnut DD & beyond) or even the old standby drip machines. The Chemex ia also a drip maker, but almost primitive in that there's no plug in necessary during the brewing process. There's also no need for pushing down on any handles, as is done with a French press, and as has always kinda freaked me out in a big way. Long story really short, add your special filter (Chemex offers 2-3 diff shapes of them, more about that in a sec.) and ground coffee into the cone part at the top, followed by a lively pour over of some boiling hot water, and a few minutes later, you have an hourglass of smooth, tasty (Some say best in the world...) coffee. 

Sounds almost too good to be true, but I've tried it and know whattt? It works (The ole if I can do it anybody can applies here.). My coffees been super smooth with absoutely no bitterness whatsoever, tending to back up their ambitious tag line - "The BEST coffee in the world comes in only one shape." - if you ask me. It's also pretty affordable. I bought a six cup size from their Classic series, along with a 100 pack of the circular filters (There are 4-5 diff makers, along with the filter options we chatted about above. And if you're worried about those getting expensive, I saw both Chemex and a more generic looking choice on the shelf at Whole Foods when I was picking up mine.), for around $52, a far cry from the price tags on some of those fancy Nespresso machines or even higher end drip models. 

For the record, this isn't a sponsored post, I just think this would make a dynamite gift for yourself or the coffee lover on your list this season. (You're very welcome!) They're also widely available right now, featured everywhere from coffee shops that sell cm's (I hear the new Schastea on Broadway in PVD *might* carry some.) to big box and online stores.

Happy caffeinating! 


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