Add This Place To Your Beauty Bucket List, So Says This Rhody Native

There is nothing like good advice. Whether you’re in a personal predicament, or looking for a new coffee place, sometimes a friend’s insight can change everything. Upon moving to Manhattan, I craved advice in every aspect of life - work, health, general well being. Although still in progress, some of the best received guidance was about skincare. My skin has always been a point of contention for me - it's mediocre at best. Then I was introduced to HeyDay.

Heyday is a growing organic facial spa. Although not technically a full spa with babbling brooks and zen music, the care and expertise is unparalleled. Each facial I’ve received there, and subsequent advice about my routine moving forward, has been helpful and practical. They know we're not exfoliating every other day on the dot, and aren't judgmental about it. All products are organic & smell great too! Another plus - if you have a terrible memory like me, they send you an email detailing what you should be doing for your skin for the next few months and the recommended products. If you don't find yourself in the city soon, check out their skincare tips online:

Products they recommended for my skin specifically (#thankful they're not pushy salespeople either):

  • Grown alchemist: Gentle Gel Cleanser with Geranium, Bergamot & Rosebud

  • Image: Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Tonic


*Courtesy of an RI Native who's relocated to The Big Apple this year.

**Photo Credits: Pix courtesy of the Think HeyDay Instagram