Ways For You To Warm Up During This Week's Deep Freeze In The OS


Chilling out is good. Being chilly is not. With the forecast so scary cold this week, I've decided to stop complaining (for a few minutes anyway...less bitter, more glitter in 2018) and share some surefire ways to warm up right now in RI. 

Food & Drink

  • Motor over to either Wildflour or the Garden Grill for hot cider. GG will even spike it for you, if you're so inclined.

  • Grab a bourbon latte (coffee, aerated milk, bourbon, and cinnamon) or a hot chocolate with Bailey's, any time after 12noon, at New Harvest in the Arcade downtown. Because sometimes day drinking is THE thing to do on a freezing cold day.

  • Dress up and have drinks and/or dinner with friends in front of the fire. A few local favs with working fireplaces that fit the bill include The Inn At Castle Hill, Whitehorse Tavern (which can boast about "having served hungry Newporters since 1673"), and Camille's on The Hill.

Self Care & Relaxation

  • Take a heated yoga class. After 90 minutes in a 105 degree room, you'll walk out a hot mess but feeling fantastic, renewed, refreshed, and ready to kick *ss in the New Year. I used to frequent Boiler House at The Rising Sun Mills back in the day, but think it may be Rhode Island Hot Yoga now? (My hot yoga days came to an end once I started reading how the high temps could cause Botox to wear off a lot quicker. You should totally go tho!)

  • Go for a steam, especially great if you're feeling congested, at the Bodhi Spa in Newport or Urban Sweat at Raffa. (Also, many of the local hotels that offer full spas probably have some sort of steam room or sauna.) Or if you hit last night's Powerball, treat yourself to an extended stay at the newly remodeled and renamed Spa Suite over at The Ocean House.


  • Put on some socks and boots, and save the bare ankles and heels for April. TBH, in case you're new around here, March weather can be a beast too.

  • Pick up an electric tea kettle, so you can stay in and channel the hygge trend, all bundled up (Now trending? Layers of course!), sipping a nice hot cuppa tea or cocoa. Find one for a reasonable price at a number of places these days, including my Amazon Influencer Page (**Shameless Plug**), starting at around $25 and up.