5 Things Everyone Will Be Talking & Posting About In 2018, And Why You'll Want To Too


Whether you were out drinking prosecco and dancing on tables or you decided to stay in for NYE, we can all agree that we're pretty jazzed about what 2018 has in store. So, put down the new planner (Shoutout to anyone who sticks with those after the first few weeks of January!) and close out of that app that adds the snow storm effect to your Instagrams, and scope out this list of the 5 things that are going to be major in the OS in the new year.

Eats & Drink

  1. Pretty soon, everyone's going to be talking (and taking fotos of) WAFFLES. Yup, you're going to start seeing them popping up in your feed in an even bigger way. Especially because Waffle Providence is scheduled to open this month on Weybossett Street in PVD. #WaffleParty Time!

  2. Oat Milk: Almond milk is sooo three years ago. And one of our favorite baristas is a big fan because many ppl with GI issues find it a whole lot easier to digest than any of the nut milks.


  1. Their site crashed multiple times on Black Friday and ppl have been gushing about it both online and IRL. Two words - Cult Following. We're talking about The Ordinary, a line of inexpensive but not cheaply made skincare (Their under eye serum is only $6.70!) that's never tested on animals. Highly recommending their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% for breakouts.

  2. Eco Friendly Nail Salons: Already popular in NYC and Boston, they specialize strictly in non-toxic polish manis and pedis, as well as alternatives to trad acrylics like Calgel. Think lots of light, natural wood, greenery, filtered water, organic tea, and kombucha. And a little bird is telling me to watch for something in the OS in the not-too-distant future.


  1. Yea, we could tell you flats, darker denim or even shoestring chokers (circa early 90's Sassy Magazine) are making a serious comeback this year, but let's talk something we can all agree on - how binge listing to podcasts made all of our lives better last year. That being said, here's one of our current obsesions:

You Must Remember This ~ Calling all pop culture junkies and fans of Hollywood's Golden Age! This pod's thoroughly researched and thoroughly entertaining, with plenty of ah-ha and ha-ha moments courtesy of Karina Longworth, former lead film critic at the LA Times, and company. Start for the Sinatra and Hepburn and stay for the Six Degrees of Joan Crawford and Dead Blondes episodes.


Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Waffle photo courtesy of the Waffle Providence Instagram; Salon space shot courtesy of Sundays Studio on IG.