The Place To Go In PVD If You Need A Mini Vacay Somewhere Special This Month

The Rolling Stones, Talitha & Paul Getty, the Beats (Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs), and Suzy Parker were all gaga over Morocco at various points in their lives. Nowadays, tons of lifestyle and travel bloggers are posting about it. Top places to see. Tips for your best trip ever. Et cetera.

If you can't get there in the immediate future (It's gotta be warmer there right now!), then great news - there's a place in the OS where you can take a tea or coffee (or study, or lunch) break and feel as though you've suddenly been transported. For a little while anyway...


I'm talking about Tea in Sahara, a city cafe replete with tile topped tables, lantern type light fixtures (Dim in this case def = cozy.), throw pillows, and tapistry style rugs, tucked away on Governor Street on the East Side of Providence. Since I visited and blogged last, however, they've really ramped up their site (More info, photos, everything!) as well as the entire interior.

So, maybe it's not quite as hidden gem-ish or mysterious as it was a few years ago. It's still a relaxing, special spot for a glass of tea (Ask for the iconic Moroccan mint and high pour*, and do try to get a Boomerang of it for your Insta Stories.), some hot chocolate or coffee and a snack/small plate or two tho. 

*The high pour is supposed to help the tea mix with the air, and apparently, in the traditional tea ceremony, the higher the pour, the more important the guest. (You're Welcome.)


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