Forget The Bread & Milk, Here's What You Really Need For Thursday's Snow

Last I saw, the storm that's supposed to hit Thursday morning doesn't have a name (We're naming snow storms now, right?), nevertheless it's still looking pretty intense. In fact, there's a chance we could get as much as a foot of the powdery stuff.

Exactly why, with a little guidance from friends, regular contributors to the site, and assorted social media acquaintances, I have this fab list for passing the time whilst being stuck indoors during this possible onding. And, no that's not a typo. It's actually an 18th century Scottish/Northen English word for heavy rain or snow fall. (I can't take all the credit; mad props to those behind the daily email blast from Merriam-Webster.) Anywho, here are your essentials for weathering this week's wintertime drama.

  1. Splurge on some top shelf hot chocolate, and forget those mediocre mixes in the little tiny packets. Highly recommending just about anything from Silly Cow Farms (usually gettable at Whole Foods Market). Their Holstein Chocolate Treat flavor also comes in a cute milk can you'll use later as a bank for all your spare change (the reason why your bag feels as though it's filled with rocks 90% of the time btw).  
  2. Sure you can binge episodes of The Crown on Netflix, but why not take an hour or two and have a Christmas Tree & Ornament Takedown Party? Because you'll be logging some hibernation time inside anyway, and your future self will thank you a billion times over. Pick up some proper ornament storage boxes in advance (somewhere like The Container Store), in advance and avoid the confusion of searching for specific ones and unboxing brokens next time around.
  3. Give yourself a mini facial. The secret to the most effective at home ones? Especially for those of us with oily, combination or just plain problem skin. Blackhead Master Patches from Dr JartSephora still can’t keep them in stock (They’ve been around since 2015-ish.), and that's because they actually work, leaving the pores in your nose visibly unclogged and looking like you maybe frequented a fancy schmancy spa or something.
  4. The Pajama Game. Sounds like an old movie with Doris Day, but what it means in 2018 is you'll feel way happier if you're housebound in cute pj's or loungewear, as opposed to wearing crummy, old sweats or anything else that looks as though it's been washed and worn 519+ times. Pick up a winter pair or three at one of the many after Christmas sales going on right now (Retail seasons, remember? Resort 2018, and yes, Spring will be appearing on the shelves in about a minute.). True Story, Fat Face in GC gifted me some lounge-y items back in December, and I liked the pants so much I wore them out & about to run errands, something I rarely do (one of the reasons being I used to work for a department store where Emily Gilmore would have def shopped but that's another blog post for another time). 

Stay Cozy!