Warm Up With What's Going To Be Hot In 2018, According To This NE Style Setter

We rung in the new year and as a fashion blogger, I'm very eager to predict the trends of 2018. I attended New York's Fashion Week to see the Spring/Summer collections, followed by Paris, Milan and London's, and get an idea about what to expect this year. So, without further  ado, I would like to present you the five biggest trends for this year.

1. Sequins: Yes, sequins were one of the biggest trends of 2017 and will carry on into 2018. I did a blog post a couple weeks ago where I recommended to sparkle on NYE in a gorgeous sequin dress. If you have a wedding to attend, you should definitely check out the post "NYE Dress" on my site LesiaStyle.  If not, no worries, sequins will also be incorporated in sweatshirts, tops and jackets. 


2. Lavender: Spring will be colorful, but if I need to choose a one dominant color, it would definitely be lavender. I spotted shades of lavender in Victoria Beckham, Valentino, Bottega Veneta and Michael Kors collections. 


3. Fringe: Fringe? I know I was skeptical at first too, but Celine, Loewe and Balmain gave them a very sophisticated appeal. 


4. Plastic: Out with vinyl, in with plastic. The best example for how to incorporate plastic into your wardrobe can be seen in the Chanel Collection. If you think that plastic is a bit too much, start with plastic accessories: bags, shoes, even a hat. I actually wanted to purchase a pair of plastic boots last September when I was going to NYFW, but changed my mind at the last minute.


5. Menswear Patterns are not going anywhere, at least this year. Hooray, because if you went crazy like I did last season with purchasing skirts, pants and jackets, you are still very on trend! If you don't have anything, it's still not to late to buy.


Like it or not, that's out fashion forecast for 2018. I hope  you can find at least one of these trends close to your heart. 

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