From Coffee To Cocktails, The Avenue Where Everyone In The Know Goes

If you've already done the tour of the sleepier pockets of FLA with the 70+ set fangirl-ing (fanboy-ing too) over Judge Judy, strolling with toy dogs (They're everywhere. It's a thing down here.), chowing down on dinner at four thirty, and sporting SAS shoes (My bad...because I'm wearing Birkenstocks as I type this.), then you'll go gaga over the buzz on this street in Delray.

I'm talking about Atlantic Avenue. 

Especially the blocks between the railroad tracks (after Urban Outfitters where I came this close to buying a strappy black jumpsuit, must've gotten caught up in all the excitement of being out and about past 4pm or something) and Doc's All American, a retro, kitsch looking diner where I bet you could get a great burger and fries if you're so inclined. Speaking of eats, over on the PattyJDotCom Insta, people tell me that the Park Tavern and The Office (It was HOPPING while I was in the vicinity) are both outstanding choices for dinner and drinks. Honestly tho, almost all the restaurants in that surrounding area were mobbed and I don't mean in an Al Capone or Scarface sorta way. 

If you're looking for some java, skip that 2nd Starbucks of the day and get over to Subculture Coffee. 'Our large latte has four shots of espresso. Is that ok?' Uh...yeah! The interior has a sort of dark, mysterious rock n roll vibe, although they also sell things like pressed juices and green salads. (Maybe that's Keif's secret to post H longevity?) There's also a cute little back patio, but you'll probably want to sit out front for the people watching. It's top shelf all the way. Next, a chain (I know, I know), but I'd never been before. Talking of course about this candy shop called It'Sugar. They had anything the candy connoisseur/addict in your life could possibly crave, including Kit Kats from Asia. (The American ones have always one of my favs to binge on before, during, and after Halloween, you?). 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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