A Stylist Gets Real About What To Bring On Your Feb Vaca

Baby, it’s cold outside! This time of year leaves us all longing to feel the warmth of the summer sun and sand between our toes. But packing for resort getaway can pose its challenges - what to wear? Nothing says summer like a lighter, brighter wardrobe, and I have a couple of tips to help. 

White, white and more white - it’s the perfect base color for resort dressing. Whether you prefer skirts, pants or shorts, you will need white. Don’t be afraid to wear white head-to-toe, but keep the fabrics light, like cotton, linen and silk blends. You can finish your look with a metallic or boldly colored sandal to add a pop, but black, white or neutral sandals are also ideal. Accessories are optional, and should be kept simple. You want to look island chic - laid back and stylish. Turquoise, beads and gold are jewelry must-haves.

If you love color, and want to add more intensity to your resort wardrobe, then bold primaries will do the trick. Blue, green, yellow and red are all great colors to pack for a mid-winter getaway. Adding a white or neutral bottom will create balance, and will complement the boldness of the top. Brightly colored accessories are key to finishing off bold looks, but don’t overdo it. Too many accessories can make your outfit look cluttered. Think bold, but minimal. This is not the time for statement necklaces necessarily, but statement earrings, yes, please.

Stripes and softer florals are classics and work any time of year, and for any occasion. Navy and white, and black and white or ivory stripes are “must-haves” and can be used in constant rotation all year long. Stripes are inspired by nautical influences, and always look beach appropriate. Just add chinos, white denim, bermuda shorts or a light and airy midi-skirt or full-length pant, and you’re ready for a day of shopping the outdoor markets. If stripes not your thing, then a soft floral blouse would be a perfect substitute. 

The beach awaits, so go get packed and have a super stylish time wherever adventure takes you. Just remember, use these suggestions as guidelines and let your personality show. True style is a reflection of who we are as individuals - always be yourself.


**Although, I use various designer pieces in my looks, I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by any brand. 

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