No One Really Dishes About These Two Things When They Talk Blogging

Besides someone trying to shut down my Facebook business page last year (Happened to you? Someday, a whole post about it, but it's one of the sneakier and more underhanded things I've experienced since launching the blog. To quote Shep from Southern Charm, it's so easy to take the high road. Bleep you and the middle finger emoji to the guilty party or parties if they're reading this however.), the other surprise I got was blogging, well, it can make you fat.

Sorry. So NOT Sorry.

See, food is major. I mean, it's right up there with cute dogs, happy babies and mommy slice-of-life scenes, travel (Right now, Cuba is everything, although there's no WiFi or so everyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians religiously tells me. That's a prob.), and Fashion with a capital F bloggers who seem to have closets full of Chloe, Gucci, and YSL. And there are only so many salads you can snap pics of before it becomes a yawn. Sure, there are those 'healthy living' bloggers who document their clean eats, exercise, and zen-tastic philosophy, but I didn't want to go that route. Because I happen to enjoy the occasional dessert, pizza, cocktail, and pancake brunch, and was also doing a decent job of capturing all those meals and snacks for the blog and IG. Add in late night hours spent sitting on my butt, editing or writing, and skipping barre, yoga or cardio the next morning and see ya skinny J.Crew jeans. (Not goodbye forever, just farewell for now.)

Ultimately tho, I blame myself, instead of ramping up the brunch dates, and champagne cocktails, what I should have done was remembered that story from The Cut (The NY Mag Style Blog). You know, the one about an Insta called 'You Did Not Eat That', whose raison d'etre was calling out popular, svelte style bloggers who make a habit of posing with bags of ginormous cookies or bagels, massive pieces of cake and pie or other cheat day treats. By saying: You Did Not Eat That. Spoiler Alert: Usually, You Did Not Eat That ended up getting blocked by said accounts. (At least you know I wasn't lying when I was uploading all those food-porn pics.)

Seriously, call me superficial (It's ok, I'll cop to it!), but it's such a damaging, mixed message to send out about balance, eating, and body image to those who might believe (that) you did in fact eat that. A treat day here and there is fine. Frankly tho, I know only one lady who eats like a truck driver on the reg, doesn't purge, and has essentially maintained the same size for the last five+ years. Her genetics aside, it's pretty much impossible. Ask anyone in the nutrition or medical fields. Something to chew on. 

For the record, still eating pancakes (Two words: short stack) and stuff and sitting on my a** to blog, only now, I'm totally ramping up the exercise too. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Photos of Patty J, the salad, and champagne all courtesy of Ashley Farney.