Why You'll Want To Visit This Comfy, Charming (And Hidden) Coffeehouse

A chandelier, an overstuffed couch, and an Italian coffee machine juxtaposed with an old Airstream, an open garage door, train tracks, and more...

Google great coffee shops near me and you'll probably see Cumby's, DD, and Starbucks. Dig a little deeper and if you're anywhere in or around So. Florida, you might come across Brew Urban Cafe. If you world revolves around coffee, books, and atmosphere (or as the kids say these days on Insta, inspo), add Brew to your travel itinerary. The journey there is key too because it's pretty well hidden, in a Central Fort Lauderdale neighborhood called FAT Village Arts District (Heard it called FAT City too), that's a mix of industrial (like those train tracks that the cafe overlooks - I wasn't there for a passing train, but I hear it's really something.), artists' spaces and murals, modest one fam homes, and a fancy-looking high rise or two. 

Now, cannot lie - after spending $24 on an Uber (It was farther away than I realized, which is my refrain for most of this trip.) and getting out in front of what looked like a converted garage/studio space covered in murals, low grade panic set in. Stepping inside the quiet of C&L Studios (the storefront that faces the street side) and down a side hallway, I wasn't sure whether I was walking into something sketchy or not. Cue the spooky mood music. (Yoga breathin?!? True story, even the Uber driver seemed tentative about the whole thing when she dropped me near the entrance.) Reaching the end of the hall, and turning to see the counter with the Euro coffee machine backed up by that oh-so-tall wall of books, the same pic from Google, immediately knew I was in the right place. **Whew** There's that private club vibe too, the idea being that if you're cool enough, you'll know it's there...like the guy I went to HS with who opens all the bars in PVD that don't have signs.

My coffee was tasty and not bitter, so if you're looking for a side of comfy eclectic (Grandma, geek chic meets rustic, industrial. I mean, there's also a flippin silver camper toward the back of the coffee bar, which I guess sort of makes sense when you remember this space used to be some sort of garage.) magic and a bookgasm with your java, then by all means.

Brew Urban Cafe, 537 NW1st Ave in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301,                                                    Open Daily 7am - 7pm, Sundays 8am - 5pm

Ciao for Now,

Patty J