My RI Life Revisited: Todd Hart, Ex-Bouncer Turned 'The Oil Guy'

Catching up with Todd Hart, the former bouncer at The Living Room turned Father Todd and The Oil Guy...

On Tour

As you may recall, I walked away from the corporate world back in January 2016. I just had to follow my passion for educating others on incorporating essential oils into their lives. Recently, I was on tour across the United States, traveling to California, Virginia, and Hawaii, sharing my story and passion for natural medicine. The people I’ve been able to help along the way is what lights me up! Too many people are needlessly suffering and simply don’t know that alternatives exist.

While in California, I got to check in and hang out with my daughter who attends LMU in Los Angeles. To be able to fold in time with her is priceless - There's no such thing as 'time freedom', but 'time flexibility' is a beautiful thing!

More Highlights From The Road

  • I’m a big fan of donuts and love to discover new places when traveling the country. My local fav is of course Allies. However, I'm now starting to really dig PVD Donuts. (I put them in the microwave for 13 seconds to get them to their optimal eating temperature. If you haven’t done that yet, it is a must!) One reason I love to go to CA is all the little independent donut shops. (Hoping the spread of Dunkin Donuts doesn’t kill off these amazing little gems. That would be very sad.) I was out walking in Cardiff by the Sea, CA at 6:00am when I caught the sweet smell of donuts wafting through the air. I followed my nose for several blocks (Yes, it is that well trained.) and came upon this little bakery that's been there for 50+ years. V.G. Donut & Bakery is a must stop if you are ever in the area. Great customer service and friendly locals hanging out enjoying some sweetness.
  • When I was in Charlottesville, VA recently, I was introduced to Duck Donuts. There are simply no words to express the pure heavenly goodness that happens here. I think it was Duck Donuts that Satan tempted Eve with in the Garden of Eden.
  • Special shout out to Crossroads Kitchen in Hollywood, CA. It's an all plant-based restaurant and is out of this world. Their take on veal parmesan had me questioning if it was real meat or not. For a former meat eater, this was heavenly. Ben Stiller was at the table next to us and seemed to be as happy with his meal.

Living The Life You Want

I’m discovering that you really can live the life that you want. Personal development is now a huge part of my life. We all have emotional baggage from childhood that negatively impacts us each and every day. It’s amazing when you start to work on yourself and come to realize all the things that ‘trigger’ you in your day to day (life). Sometimes they are so severe that they stop you in your tracks and leave you paralyzed and unable to do what you set out to do. The goal is ‘Conscious/Competence’. It's not an easy undertaking, but it is so worth it. Too many go their entire lives unconscious to the beauty that life can offer. Life is supposed to be enjoyed!  

For More From Todd

Check out his Events Page at to catch him when he comes to a city near you or schedule a free consultation. He promises that you will not be disappointed and it just may change your life forever.