The Off The Menu Pizza & Other PVD Picks From An Insider

Whether you've been away from the OS for a month (still hating on the term snow bird!) or you're looking for an excuse to get out of the house this week, you'll want to co-opt these PVD picks, recommended by an in-demand event & wedding planner* and tried & tested the other night:

  1. The pizza (and calzone) you can't get anywhere else in Providence!?! Yeah, there's no shortage of delish pizza pie in the capital city, and the surrounding areas, but there's one you can only get at Trattoria Zooma. An off-the-menu item, on special this past weekend, and served to us by the GM. Pizza Fritta, an uber popular street food in Naples, Italy, will have you hooked at first bite. The diff is the shell, made with fried dough. Topped with tomato sauce and the seemingly perfect amount of cheese (not drenched). 
  2. After dinner drinks and  mini-doughboys with sugar and Nutella (or Calde Calde) on top? Why not! A few blocks up from Zooma is Venda Bar, where we attempted to take pics and interview someone for the blog, when it first launched. All the pics were blurry, and the notes went missing, but we had a blast. Almost too many drink options to choose from. And make doubly sure to get that dessert. Sweet!

*who wishes to remain a-non-y-mous (#WINK)

**The lighting in both places is not conducive to snapping food-stagrams (which is why that pizza pic above is from Italy, not Zooma), so put down your phone and enjoy everything. 

***Tops with cutouts at the shoulders are definitely a thing right now. I spied a few people sporting them this past weekend on The Hill. Way to take advantage of the mild temps.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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