Cars & Stars: Behind The Scenes With People Who Drive For A Living

One of my favorite pastimes, whether I'm home or away on vacay, is quizzing people who drive for a living about celebs they've chauffeured. My main is usually along the lines of 'Who's the nicest person you've driven?' Followed shortly thereafter by 'Who's the worst?'

So, some of the nicest off stage are often the ones who are the most irreverent, the boldest, and the most in your face when they're on (stage) or in front of the camera. Case in point, Joan Rivers. #RIPJoan A dozen years or so ago, I was in a town car on my way to NYC when the gentleman behind the wheel confided to me that not only was Joan the nicest of any of his passengers, but that she had also gone out of her way to buy baby gifts for him and his wife in honor of their latest arrival. It didn't come as any big surprise then when the driver I was talking to this week told me the sweetest celeb he's ever driven is none other than Joan's daughter Melissa Rivers.

Ok, so maybe you wouldn't be surprised to find out that that same guy's most glam passenger was Alexis Carrington herself, Joan Collins. (Don't know who she is? You. Are. Missing. Out.) Something about her stepping into the car in full makeup, a stunning outfit, a hat, the whole kit and caboodle, but how about what he said about a certain singer who's rumored in the press to be a MAJOR diva? (Rhymes with Variah Varey.) Not the case. Nope. According to him, she was beyond gracious and a model passenger. 

Now, I'd love to reveal a few of the (alleged) worst peeps to drive, but I'd really rather not get hassled by lawyers and those dreadful cease and desist letters. Instead, I have something equally, if not MORE, important and that's the 4 things NOT to do in an Uber (or Lyft), town car or limo, courtesy of the drivers themselves:

  1. Smoking: Forget cigarettes, cigars, and those horrible vape things (Don't know if they actually smell or not. I just hate them.). Ugh. Do you know what it takes to get that smell out of a car? Maybe you'd also be surprised to hear about all the 20-something celebs who smoke in this day and age. #yuck #whatadirtyhabit
  2. Losing Your Lunch Or Dinner: It's far from ideal, but if you've been drinking and you suddenly feel like you're going to hurl? At the very least, roll down the window to avoid blowing chunks all over the backseat. Best case scenario, let your driver know, so they can pull over. For the record, the only other smell harder to get rid of besides cigarette smoke is in fact puke. 
  3. Followed Closely By This...Nothing like the smell of BAD food. Leave your smelly food at home! (It can wait.)
  4. One Last ThingLadies, put your mascara on in the bathroom at home. No driver wants black dots on the roof of their car. As for you gentleman, no one wants to smell cologne the whole way to the destination. One spray and THAT is it!


*This post originally appeared on the blog in March of 2016.