Where To Warm Up During Winter's Last Hurrah

Hot coffee. Heat cranked in the car. I was even wearing a hat!

None of that was any help the other day because I had flown back home just in time for winter's last hurrah...#wherethefisspring 

So, there I was, desperately in need of some balmy temps and sustained sunshine. But where to?

Barring hoping on a plane and jetting off somewhere, The Botanical Gardens at RWP is your (and my) best bet on such short notice. It's the closest thing to a tropical getaway when it's 17 degrees in PVD and the wind is bru-tal. It's also only a $10 admission, less if you're a senior (Where are my AAR-Peeps at?) or a kidd-o.

And I don't care what anyone says, it's so fun taking someone along who's a native Rhode Island'er who's never ever been, and watching their reaction as they cross that first threshold to Greenhouse #1: Surprise, a second or two of disbelief, and finally, awe. **Because there are still so many people around the OS who have no idea this little oasis exists in the middle of The Park in Prov..*

If you're one of those peeps who's been - and spied the palms, pools and fountains, koi pond, and the cacti (Did my homework dammit! Cactuses is also acceptable as the plural.) and carnivorous plants - congratulate yourself on being in-the-know, then go back for the Winter Concert Series on Sundays from 4 to 6pm. (See photo above for the pre-show set up.)

It's a completely reasonable price - around $15, I think - and such a small amount to shell out for something much more enjoyable than sitting at home, nursing a case of the 'Sunday scaries'. 

*Click here for more details about the concerts.

**Coffee plants are also in bloom this month. For an overview of what else is, click here. Coming up in April is the Fairy Garden exhibit and you'll want to catch that too.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos above are courtesy of PattyJ.com