Roll With It: The Food Trending In PVD Right Now

If you looked at any of Cat Marnell's recent memoir about life in NYC as an addict/beauty editor, then you probably remember that during one of times she tried to quite Addie (or Adderall), and got her appetite back, she enjoyed her bagels and cream cheese.

That was my way transitioning to: bagels are suddenly quite the big deal in Providence, and I don't mean those multi-color rainbow ones that everyone was obsessing over a few years back. I'm talking classic bagels, the food equivalent of the penny (loafer), the barn jacket or a black, quilted Chanel anything.

There are a few different shops, and a pop-up, doing the bagel thing right now. Last weekend, I (finally) had the chance to try some (that tons of people have been Instagram-ing since last month's opening which I missed because I was out of town) from Providence Bagel, at 645 North Main. Frankly, the first thing I want to give them major props for is the way they transformed that real estate. Pretty sure you drove by countless times and caught a glimpse when it was a boarded up, graffiti covered mess. I know I did. Now look at it !!! #TalkAboutAFacelift

Photos below courtesy of the Providence Bagel Insta.

Yeah, it's a gorgeous space these days, with lots of light* and lots of bagels**! We had a tough time deciding what to order, but that's a good dilemma to struggle with. We finally decided on, and inhaled, a sunflower with peanut butter and a cinnamon raisin with butter. #BagelsAreLife

*The light is cheery but it does make it difficult to take a decent foodstagram with a phone camera.

**There's an extensive list of other drink, snack, and sandwich options in addition to the impressive bagel menu. 

We also liked the service. Friendly. Fast. And no 'tude whatsoever. Honestly, as I get older, I have less and less patience for places where the staff is too cool to answer a question or wait a half a second while I glance back at the topping choices. (If I want that, there's always Portlandia on Netflix.)

Almost forgot - There's also a drive thru if you don't feel like getting out of the car (We've all been there. Whether because of a bad hair day or a great song that you want to hear thru to the end.) or you're running behind on time. 

So, why not take someone there who's your everything? (I'm referring of course more to everything bagels and not so much to an Andy Gibb tune from 1977 written by his brothers The Bee Gees.)

Ciao for Now,

Patty J 


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