Stay Shady: 6 Reasons To Leave Your Sunglasses On

Yesterday, we did some shopping for sunnies* because everyone needs a sunglass wardrobe. It also got us thinking about the many ways they make our lives so much better. Sure they shield eyes from harsh glare and harmful rays, but have you ever considered these advantages and benefits:

  1. They help hide our brows while we're growing them out to look like Olivia Culpo's. (She has the best eyebrows!)
  2. Forget fried foods or Gatorade, putting them on somehow makes a hangover less painful. #magic
  3. It's easier to look like we care during a conversation when we're wearing them. (They camouflage eye rolling really well.)
  4. Next best thing to makeup if we're just not feelin it. Oversized ones and lipgloss are our besties then. 
  5. Always look pretty in pics, especially selfies. Don't believe us? Check out the accounts of Insta Superstars like Something Navy, Sincerely Jules, and Egg Canvas
  6. Save money on fancy (also super pricey) eye creams and spend less time smoothing out eye crinkles with Facetune (Yup, there's an app for that!) because less squinting means a lot fewer wrinkles - If they're big enough, and you always have to go BIG! 

Team Patty J


*From the archives: This post originally appeared on in June of 2016.