The Late Sleeper's Guide To Farm Fresh Food

By now, you're probably well aware that locally grown (and in season) produce is best case scenario when it comes to eating healthy and feeling fantastic. Also, your dollars do go a whole lot further at a farmer's market or stand than they do at most groceries and super markets. 

But what to do if you're  someone whose schedule simply doesn't jell with most markets, especially the ones on the weekend that're probably wrappping up just as you've had your last cup of coffee and are heading out for the day. So, let's say you're someone who never gets to sleep before midnight, or you really like your 'morning time' at home, making it to most of these open airs is going to be problematic. I say this because frankly, I've lived it.

My answer? Go right to the source. And last week we did! We were having a late lunch in EG, when I found this local farm - where much is apparently grown organically - with a stand that was open past 1 or 2pm. So, of course, we motored over to West Kingston. (See below for address.) Before you start thinking that's quite a hike, I must tell you that it's totally and completely relaxing to get out of the city, or even the burbs, on any given week or weekend day. Especially this time of year. When the temps are above 70 and the sun is shining. (Pinky swear we'll see so many more of those days in our future. This chilly rain has been quel bummer tho.)

Mental health benefits aside, we were able to scoop up a bunch of gorgeous native tomatoes. Granted, the people at the stand were lovely, but they also weren't too wild about us snapping dozens of pics of the stand and surround area with our phones. (Btw, the camera on the I-Phone 7 Plus is everything you've heard and much more!) I mean, it is after all 2017 and we can't have been the first Instagramers/bloggers who've dropped by. Seriously.

A Few Fav Local Farm Stands

Don't wear your cute shoes (Dirt is NOT their friend.), but do check these out sooner rather than later:

  • Goose Pond Farm, 545 Waites Corner Road in West Kingston 
  • The Farmer's Daughter, 716 Mooresfield Road in South Kingstown 
  • Young Family Farm, and Walker's Roadside Stand, both on West Main Road in Little Compton



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