The PVD Shop You're Probably Missing Out On Right Now

People are doing lots of shopping on Instagram, by scoping out what their friends, and IG celeb "friends", are wearing everyday. And in a somewhat more traditional way, they're also eyeballing brand and store pages throughout the day too. Me? I'm no exception. Let's flashback to last month when I saw this t-shirt floating by in my Insta Feed:

To say it caught my attention is putting it mildly. Yeah, I freaked because I've always wanted one, ever since the first words about a collaboration between the now defunct band Sonic Youth (Their cover of the Carpenters' Superstar, in my opinion, is better than the original, but I digress...) and the still going strong designer Marc Jacobs way back in 2007-2008. Happy to report that I did end up getting my hands on the t-shirt. Unfortunately, however, all the photos taken at the shop doing the selling are gone like the wind after my recent smart phone upgrade. (Sad. Face.) What's a blogger to do if she wants to go and post about her shirt and the shop? Co-opt a bunch of Insta fotos from their thriving and prolific account of course! 

You're probably already pretty familiar with Bad Taste PVD (The name tho - Brilliant!), located in the Arcade Downtown if you're currently on Insta. If you're not, then let me tell you that they have something for everyone (I know, I know...usually hate when people say that, but in this particular case, it's the truth.), tees from concerts and eras gone by to more current ones from your fav sports teams and musicians to lots of POLO, RL, and such. Not to mention hats, jackets, and tons of other memorabilia you never knew you needed until right now. 

Now, let's go back to the 80's and 90's for a sec:

Remember that Benetton sweatshirt that probably got lost in one of your many moves during or after HS or college? They had one in mint condition for sale a while back. Or all those concert tees you either didn't buy at the time because you didn't have the cash or that your mom threw out after you failed to pick up the dirty laundry on your bedroom floor for the 2nd or 3rd week in a row? They have those too. And how about Stussy stuff? I mean, as a reader of the mag that launched people like editor/author/tv personality Jane Pratt and actress/style icon Chloe Sevigny (aka, Sassy), I know for a fact that Stussy was MAJOR in the early 90's. 

So, definitely check out their Insta , where they preview new product and spotlight their customers who have struck shopping gold, and their brick & mortar location on the first floor of the Arcade in PVD. It's a kick.


Photo Credits: All photos except for the one of are courtesy of the Bad Taste PVD Instagram