The RI Premiere Of This Award Winning Band's Latest Song & Video

Our guest men's style blogger, David Santos of Dress Like a Man, is also the singer and songwriter with the Boston-based band Eddie Japan. As a former PVD resident, David felt a Rhode Island premiere for the band's new video would be more than apropos. And where better than

David gives us some background on the song and video: The first single from our forthcoming record Golden Age (releasing 7/18) is "1 a.m." – an ode to the nocturnal, and a call to resist the urge to 'Netflix and chill.' The video is a love letter to Boston, and was shot in about four hours on a beautiful summer evening in the historic North End – a section of the city with a distinctly European vibe, where the laid-back locals have a definite appreciation for nighttime revelry. To wit, we set up in an alley – without permission or disturbance – with a giant old television and the headlights of a Honda Fit illuminating our makeshift set. Shot by Rhode Islanders William Smyth and Paul Tierney. Edited by Rhode Islander Jon Downs, of the Providence band The Brother Kite