3 South County Spots You're Probably Missing Out On

"You know all the good places."

I get hit with that one a lot, but for today's post, I'm passing the virtual baton to my savvy friend (also the founder of Trace Alchemy Skincare, handcrafted right here in RI) Tracey and spotlighting a few of her local favs by way of South County.

1. If you live in the Wakefield area, you're sure to know about La Strada Cafe & Pizzeria. This long time favorite re-opened last summer after a two year hiatus and the pizza is still addictive, the vibe is still laid back and fun, the music is still on point, and the outdoor tables with a view of the wood fired oven are still the best place to sit. It's super casual and cool, so it's a perfect place to head after the beach. There's even a new bocce court and they're now serving cocktails as well as beer and wine. Co-Owners Jenny Olbrich and Nick Schneider are incredibly genuine, hard working and enthusiastic, the kind of people you're happy to know and that you want to see succeed. There are  many delicious and creative pizzas on the menu and you can't go wrong with any of them. The dough is excellent and all the ingredients are the highest quality and thoughtfully combined. My husband likes a plain old pepperoni (which is wonderful), but my favorite is the Notorious F I G, with soppressata, figs and ricotta...it is perfection. Another favorite is the Bunky (named for Jenny's and Nick's adorable dog) with spinach, feta, prosciutto, and lemon. We (and everyone who has ever eaten there) are so happy to have them back. You owe it to your taste buds to go there. 

La Strada will re-open for the season beginning June 24th. **Adds To Calendar**


2. The Nonchalant Mom in Wakefield. Owner Carina Schott originally developed Nonchalant Mom as an online boutique in 2004, before they were a normal part of retailing, and began by mainly selling collections created by friends. Fast forward 12 years to the the new shop where you'll find an expertly curated selection of clothing for women and children, a sprinkling of eclectic items for the home, beautiful jewelry, and a small selection of apothecary. When you enter the bright cheerful shop, you're immediately drawn in by the splashes of brilliant color, racks of simple yet elegant clothing, lovely scarves and bags, and selections of beautiful and unique jewelry throughout. Add to that Carina's warm and welcoming smile and you'll be hooked. Nonchalant Mom is the perfect antidote to a rainy beach day, but visit once and I guarantee it'll become a favorite all year round. 

3. If you're heading to Narragansett or Galilee on a Sunday morning between 9am and 1pm, you should be stopping by the Farmer's Market at Fisherman's Memorial State Park. I visit there a lot of (Summer) Sundays and I'm always surprised that it isn't jammed with folks headed to the nearby beaches. It's super easy to find, the park staff direct parking to keep it organized, and it's filled with a great bunch of local farmers, food sellers, and craftspeople. As should be expected, the bounty of vegetables and fruits is a feast for the eyes as well as the body and the farmers are warm, friendly, and eager to chat. You'll always find tremendous variety of produce, pasture raised meats and poultry, incredibly beautiful flowers, farm fresh eggs, and baked goods. There's even a solar powered crepe cart (and they look fantastic)! Want to make your day at the beach, on your boat, or on Block Island even better? Take a few moments to stop by the Fisherman's Memorial Farmer's Market and stock up on gorgeous vegetables and fruits, grown right here in Rhode Island (often just down the road), and sold to you by one of the folks whose hands loving tended them.


Photo Credits: Farmer's Market photo courtesy of Tracey's Instagram, additional photos courtesy of businesses' respective IG accounts