Take A Personal Day & Go Here - Everyone's Talking About It This Summer!

All of a sudden it seems as though everyone around me (Seriously tho!) is raving about this place, so I motored over to check it out for myself and am here to tell you that it is in fact EVERYTHING they've been saying and a bag of chips. 

So, yassss, I'm talking about Newport Vineyards which in a very Rhode Island-ish twist is actually located in Middletown on East Main Road. (Translation - You do not cross the Pell Bridge.) Previously, I'd driven by on my way to other places. (Maybe a meal at the restaurant called Brix, that's still there, a few years back?) Yesterday, however, was the first time in recent memory that I've been able to really scope things out and it was lovely and delightful in so many ways. (For starters, see photos above.)

Now, the exterior (Greenery, grapes, and June sunshine anyone?) and interior (updated rustic that's inviting without being hokey) are equally fab, and you can take a tour with your squad and sample their wines for a pretty reasonable price, starting at around $12 per person. The thing I'm *legit* obsessed with, however, is the back patio that faces the vineyard and the group happily hanging out there, and of course drinking wine, yesterday. I mean, it could not have been more perfect: The scenery. The music. (For the record, don't think it was live, but they do have live music on the menu many nights and weekends apparently.) The whole flipping vibe. An absolute ideal way to spend a few hours - or a lot of them - this time of year in the Ocean State. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J