Celebrate Summer With This Fun-tastic Tour

Looking for something affordable and memorable to do on a date with your significant other (or SO, as all the cool kid bloggers are shortening it to these days) or your group of besties? For about $22 per person (Cash only, no plastic please.), you can reserve spots for a daytime or sunset Providence River Boat Tour and have the best time. It's ok if you weren't previously aware of this excursion because we only just found out about it 'like' last year. Before you go tho, here are a few key things to know:

  1. The point of departure is actually the Hot Club, giving you and yours an excellent excuse to hang out before or after to summer day (or night) drink on the waterfront. 
  2. Yes, you can take your drink - beer, cocktail, glass of whatever floats your boat (Get it? Lololololol) - from the Hot Club along on your tour. We'll drink to that!
  3. Captain Tom, who'll also be your guide, has been doing this for close to 20 years, so even the most knowledgeable Ocean Stater (or resident know-it-all) will pick up some NEW fun facts about the River and more, which should come in handy when you're trying to make small talk at that next cookout or cocktail party. 
  4. You'll finally find out where WaterFire Providence stores all that wood for the fires. And there are so many more ah-ha moments and anecdotes about practically every structure that currently lines the PVD River as well as those that used to back in the day. (Again, courtesy of Captain Tom.)
  5. They offer daytime, sunset, and private tours. That last option would so make an extra special birthday or anniversary gift for anyone you adore. 

What To Wear

You don't have to be a prep (boat shoes, pastel hues, khaki pants...you know the drill!), but you will need to do some minor prep for this trip, including:

  • Slather on that sunblock because there is no overhang.
  • Remember your sunnies, aka, sunglasses.
  • Think slip-ons or sneakers, especially for the walk from the dock onto the boat. The ramp down to the tour boat is kind of steep too, so heels are a real no-no. 


Team Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com