4 Reasons To Rethink Your Seat Next Time You're Out For Eats & Drinkies

Dining out alone? Resist the urge to park yourself at a random table, hunch over your phone, and stalk your feeds for the duration (of the meal). Scratch that and scroll this - exactly why you should be sitting at the bar instead of a table:

1. Service

Location, location, location! At such close proximity to the bartender, you won't be forgotten about. And who feels like waiting on that waiter or waitress? It all adds up to more drinks, and attention, without the annoying down time. Also, more face time if your bartender happens to be cute.

2. Mixology

You get to see your drinks being made, and see just how much alcohol is going into them. Aka, should I order my normal vodka soda, or is their pour weak? If that's the case, maybe it's martini time after all. (Another excuse to make it a martini? This past Tuesday was in fact National Martini Day. Cheers to that, fake holiday or not!)

3. Snacks

Get first dibs on all the best picky bits. #alwayshungry

4. People Watching

Because what's more entertaining? Not much...except maybe the celeb gossip from our friends over at the Daily Mail. Or didn't you know that the Daily Mail is THE guilty pleasure of everyone from actual Hollywood stars and PR people to so many of your fam, frenemies, and neighbors. More than a few have actually admitted (that) it's the first thing they look at in the am, after reaching for their phones.

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Additional photos courtesy of PattyJ.com