Here's Where To Raise A Glass On Your Next Date Or Girls' Night Out

Past the folk singers set up in front of Trinity Church, the Starbucks on Thames that always seems to be mobbed no matter what time of day, and around the corner on Mary St is the historic Vanderbilt Grace Hotel (So classic Newport in terms of design and decor, but did you know that Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt apparently had it built in 1809 for his mistress? He ended up dumping her after his family made him choose between her and his money, but it's still quite the icebreaker while day, or night, drinking anywhere in the vicinity.). I've had a bunch of outstanding lunches in their courtyard during the summer, but their rooftop bar is what most people gush about.

The thing is much of what you'll probably come across online these days refers to it as a hidden gem or best kept secret. Yeahhh - it kind of is, and it kind of isn't. See, it's really all about who you talk to. Or add on FB. I mean, as long as I've been blogging about places like Newport, people have been messaging me or commenting about it, urging me to go.

And know what? They're not wrong, those people! (For the record, sometimes they are wrong. Pls do not get me started right now about restaurants people have fan girled about, then I go and the food is just...mediocre. Or, for my 40 and under readers, meh.)

Yassss, the views of the harbor (with the Pell Bridge off in the distance) are off the charts impressive. Spectacular even - even if you can't get there for an actual sunset. I was there yesterday during the dinner hour, with a few indivudals who are not easily impressed (That's putting it mildly.) and they were in awe. I tried to capture as best I could with my I-Phone camera, but truthfully, you'll have to go & experience for yourself to fully appreciate.

Your best bet, however, is to plan for early-ish and mid week (They open at 4pm Mon thru Fri.) drinkies and small plates since this time of year, the weekends on that roof deck are jamming. So, drape yourself in your finest post-modern prep or boho attire (I spied ppl sporting everything from Free People to Vineyard Vines.), and motor on over.


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